2017 Limited Edition

Online Sales


Introduce and sell the Limited Edition Coravin System – inspired by luxury sports cars- during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The creatives had to be bright and bold to break through holiday clutter and reflect the product’s steel blue color.


Urbana developed a highly visual 360° campaign that included printed materials, a promo video, display banners, social media carousel ads and an email campaign. The neon-looking aesthetic made the ads pop-up in the consumers’ screens.


We couldn’t be any happier with the outcome of this campaign. The product sold out before Cyber Monday! We achieved 866K impressions, 188K video views, and a return on ad spend of 24.7X for every dollar invested.




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A taste of our work

“We partnered with Urbana Creative to help us bring the content strategy of our brand to the next level and amplify our social voice. They took the time to analyze our baseline and came in with a solid proposal, identifying the elements that worked and proposing a plan to amplify them. They also revamped our social look and feel to properly reflect the character of our brand, and helped us implement engagement tactics to increase our relevance. With Urbana, we saw an increase of 15% in the community size just in the first 3 months and trend continued. Our partnership with Urbana definitely has brought Coravin to a new, higher level and elevated our brand’s image in the social sphere.”

Yvethe Tyszka
VP Marketing Americas

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